Pilot Users Wanted for Virtual Diversity Icebreaker!

The Diversity Icebreaker www.diversityicebreaker.com is applied in team building, leadership training, project work, kick-offs, and communication training. It is used worldwide in a large number of companies.

After many successful years of providing the Diversity Icebreaker face-to-face, the workshop has finally made its way online to the avatar based environment AULA, created by the Zürich based company vComm Solutions.

For a pilot session to be held next week, the makers of the workshop are still looking for pilot users. The session will be held online and lasts 2 hours. Participation is free of charge and anybody can join. All you need is a computer and a headset.

Wednesday, 14 June, 17h-19h CET: www.diversityicebreaker.com/virtual-di

The goal of the workshop is to validate the concept of the Virtual Diversity Icebreaker. After the session, the participants will have the opportunity to give their feedback about the virtual experience.

Subscription is by email to piotr@human-factors.no .

AULA is a collaborative 3D environment, based on real-time interaction with avatars: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyjoMVLsNxQ

AULA for Swisscom’s Enterprise Customers

vComm is extremely pleased to now be able to offer AULA to Swisscom’s enterprise customers. The AULA virtual environment allows employees to collaborate easily within an enterprise or with external partners.

One year ago, vComm presented AULA at the Swisscom Dialog Arena (SDA) in Lucerne. The visitors experienced a number of collaboration solutions within AULA’s 3D environment. Following this, Swisscom presented vComm’s virtual environment at several other events in Switzerland. In addition, at the World VR Forum 2016 and at the CeBIT 2016, Swisscom presented the Virtual Reality Preview Release of AULA.

Cloud services, stable internet and the trend towards globally distributed teams have triggered digital transformation processes in many companies. The need to collaborate online within teams and beyond team borders is steadily increasing. With AULA, vComm provides the employees with a solution for true real time interaction and integrating simultaneously several different traditional applications within one environment. With this technology, vComm accompanies enterprise customers on their path to the digital world – from now on together with Swisscom, one of the most innovative enterprises in the world.

AULA VR – Swisscom and vComm together at CeBIT 2016

From 14 to 18 March, vComm joined Swisscom to present the virtual reality “Workplace of the Future” at CeBIT in Hannover. Swisscom demonstrated immersive workspaces that vComm has developed in their collaborative 3D environment AULA.

VR Swisscom

Wearing VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift, visitors were immersed together in a shared virtual space where they could interact with each other almost as easily as in the real world. By using collaboration tools like card walls and shared whiteboards, users came away with the feeling that they had been working together as they would in a real physical office.

The VR presentation drew a large number of visitors to the stand. The immersive experience was received enthusiastically and generated many creative discussions around ways to bring people closer together in a world that tends to be more and more distributed.

At Swisscom, AULA has already been in use for two years, providing collaborative online sales training for their 1,200 retail staff.  In addition to presentations and group workshops, users participate in dynamic role-play scenarios in a virtual 3D shop.

AULA is currently in production in a number of large enterprises using a well established easy to use screen-based 3D approach. vComm is now extending AULA to make it ready for virtual reality. Our six years of experience in developing online 3D collaboration environments  give us a deep insight from which to establish solid use cases for virtual reality that have the potential to completely change the way people collaborate and work together in the future.

The CeBIT in Hannover is the world’s largest trade fair that receives more than 200,000 visitors each year.