AULA for Swisscom’s Enterprise Customers

vComm is extremely pleased to now be able to offer AULA to Swisscom’s enterprise customers. The AULA virtual environment allows employees to collaborate easily within an enterprise or with external partners.

One year ago, vComm presented AULA at the Swisscom Dialog Arena (SDA) in Lucerne. The visitors experienced a number of collaboration solutions within AULA’s 3D environment. Following this, Swisscom presented vComm’s virtual environment at several other events in Switzerland. In addition, at the World VR Forum 2016 and at the CeBIT 2016, Swisscom presented the Virtual Reality Preview Release of AULA.

Cloud services, stable internet and the trend towards globally distributed teams have triggered digital transformation processes in many companies. The need to collaborate online within teams and beyond team borders is steadily increasing. With AULA, vComm provides the employees with a solution for true real time interaction and integrating simultaneously several different traditional applications within one environment. With this technology, vComm accompanies enterprise customers on their path to the digital world – from now on together with Swisscom, one of the most innovative enterprises in the world.